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Annual General Meeting of the Pipe Roll Society

held at the National Archives

(formerly the Public Record Office), Kew

on Tuesday 27 June 2017 at 4pm

Present: Dr David Crook (Chairman), Dr Paul Brand, Dr Richard Cassidy, Dr Paul Dryburgh, Dr Adrian Jobson, Dr Richard Mortimer, Dr Kathleen Neal, Dr Jessica Nelson, Dr Michael Ray, Professor Nicholas Vincent, Professor Scott Waugh, Robert Whitfield Esq, and Professor Louise Wilkinson

1. The Minutes of the Previous Meeting were agreed

2. The Annual Report and accounts were adopted on the motion of Dr Ray seconded by Dr Neal.

3. Adoption of Accounts. The treasurer's report was read, and the accounts were adopted (Professor Brand proposing, Dr Ray seconding).

4. Independent Examiner of Accounts: It was agreed that Dr Richard Cassidy serve for a further year (Dr Jobson proposing, Dr Neal seconding)

5. Under Any Other Business, it was agreed that Dr Nelson and/or Dr Dryburgh be nominated signatories to the Society's cheques (Dr Mortimer proposing, Mr Whitfield seconding). A new draft Constitution for the Society was under discussion in Council and would be distributed in advance of next year's AGM for agreement at the next meeting. Dr Neal raised the issue of international membership, pointing out that the £10 subscription charged by the Society fails to cover even the cost of postage for volumes sent to Australia. Mr Whitfield drew attention to the 37 years served by Dr Brand as Treasurer, and in celebration read out passages from Dworkin and others.

6. It was agreed that the next AGM should be held at Kew on Tuesday 26 June 2018, to be followed by a public lecture.

The meeting closed at 16.15, and was followed by Dr Crook's Lecture on 'The Charter of the Forest 1217'