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Annual General Meeting of the Pipe Roll Society held at the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office), Kew on Tuesday 28 June 2016 at 4pm

Present: Dr Crook (Chairman), Dr Sophie Ambler, Dr Richard Cassidy, Dr Mark Hagger, Dr Adrian Jobson, Dr Nicholas Karn, Professor Brian Kemp, Dr John Maddicott, Mrs Kathleen Neil, Dr Jess Nelson, Dr Michael Ray, Professor Nicholas Vincent, Professor Scot Waugh, Mr Whitfield, Professor Louise Wilkinson

1. The Minutes of the Previous Meeting were agreed

2. The Annual Report and accounts were adopted on the motion of Dr Ray seconded by Professor Waugh

3. Election of Treasurer. Dr Jobson proposed, and Mr Whitfield seconded the election of Dr Nelson as successor to Dr Brand. Dr Nelson was duly elected

4. Adoption of Accounts. The accounts were adopted (Dr Crook proposing, Dr Hagger seconding).

5. Independent Examiner of Accounts: It was agreed that Dr Richard Cassidy serve for a further year (Dr Ray proposing, Professor Vincent seconding)

6. Under AOB.: Mr Whitfield read out various passages from Ian McClean, on constitutional law and the need to allow non-lawyers to pronounce on constitutional matters.

7. It was agreed that the next Meeting should be held at Kew on Tuesday 27 June 2017, to be followed by a lecture by Professor Carpenter and Dr Crook on the Charter of the Forests.

The meeting closed 16.15, to be followed by Dr Cassidy’s lecture on ‘The Memoranda Rolls of Henry III’