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Annual Report of the Pipe Roll Society June 2013- June 2014

Registered Charity no.264199

Address: The National Archives, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, TW9 4DU

The Society is governed by rules adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting of 15 April 1971 as amended by Council thereafter

President: Professor Sir James Holt
Treasurer: Professor P.A. Brand
Chairman of Council: Dr J.R. Maddicott

Editors: Dr P. Dryburgh and Dr L. Wilkinson

Secretary: Professor N.C. Vincent
School of History, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ

Council: The Society's Officers together with Professor D.A. Carpenter, Dr D. Crook, Dr H. Doherty, Dr M. Hagger, Professor C. Harper-Bill, Dr A. Jobson, Dr N. Karn, Professor B.R. Kemp, Dr R. Mortimer, Dr J. Nelson, Professor M. Ormrod, Professor R.C. Stacey, Professor S. Waugh

Bankers: National Westminster Bank, Temple Bar Branch, 217 Strand, London WC2R 1AS

Independent Examiner of Accounts: J.D. Cantwell Esq., 14 Fir Lodge, 3 Gipsy Lane, London SW15 5SA

Aims and Organization: The Society has as its object 'the enlargement of the public knowledge of medieval English history by the publication of the Pipe Rolls and the associated records of medieval English government and of other manuscripts of national importance prior to the year 1350' (Society, Rule II, as amended at the AGM in June 2005). The Society's main officers (Chairman, General Editor, Secretary and Treasurer) are all unpaid. Small honoraria are paid to an under-treasurer and a stock manager. The Society is one of the nominated beneficiaries of the Stenton Fund administered by the British Academy to assist with the costs of its publications.

In the present year, the Society published Professor Vincent's edition of Norman Charters from English Sources, following on from the two volumes published in the previous year. Other volumes nearing completion include an edition of the Pipe Roll 10 Henry III, by Drs Boatwright and Gallagher, Dr Stacy's edition of the Cartae Baronum of 1166, Dr Moss's second volume of Norman Pipe Rolls, covering the reign of Richard I, Dr Dryburgh's edition of the Memoranda Rolls 2-7 Henry III, and Professor Power's edition of Hommet Family Charters. Editions of the Pipe Rolls 8, 9 and 43 Henry III are also under way. Members who are in arrears with their subscriptions are asked to bring them up to date in time for forthcoming volumes, and are reminded that gift-aid forms, and direct-debit forms can be obtained from the Treasurer or the Secretary. Members are reminded that all are welcome to attend the Society's Annual General Meeting which will be held next year at the National Archives, Kew, on Tuesday 24 June 2014 at 3.30pm.

Last updated: August 2014